The CTN Animation Expo 2016
18 November – 20 November 2016

Burbank Convention Center, California, United States

The only event of its kind presents a unique opportunity that brings together the top professionals from both the traditional and digital worlds of animation. Hosted by The Creative Talent Network® , this now eight year event has captured both the industry and local community’s attention as a resource for education, employment, inspiration, business opportunities and most of all FUN!

Since its inception in 2006 The Creative Talent Network® stands as the seminal community for the worlds leading top creators of both traditional and digital animated films. The CTN animation eXpo with the simple motto: “Putting The Talent Center Stage” gives attendees a privileged peak at the inspiring knowledge base and passion that looms large behind the creation of memorable characters, award winning stories and magnificent worlds all shared through the form of presentations, live demonstrations and practical workshops. With the accumulation of literally hundreds of world class creators crossing over studio and international boundaries who come together under one roof for 3-days presents an awe inspiring picture of what it not only takes to create these films but what it takes to be a successful creator in this ever evolving medium we call animation!

Each year we have over 40 presenters who are contributors from some of the highest grossing films or games in the history of animation including those artists who have inspired them. From Newcomer, to Professional to Legend, attendees come from Egypt, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, Europe and more with over 50% coming from outside the Burbank / Glendale area to connect with this community once a year. Presenters are hand picked and is considered an honor to participate.

For more information visit at CTN Animation Expo