Spark Animation Film Festival 2016
20 October – 23 October 2016

Vancouver, Canada

Great films live on within us long after the screen has gone dark.

Our festival team has been working tirelessly scouring all corners of the globe, connecting with film festivals from around the world, and exploring the most cutting-edge recesses of the internet, to bring you the best content. After vetting hours upon hours of film, we are proud to bring you the very best and very latest in the world of animation.

Film Festival: October 20 – 23

From independent animation to special premieres, CG to stop-motion, SPARK ANIMATION celebrates the impact of animation on today’s entertainment industry, and the diversity of films and techniques in the field. To do so, we’ve carefully selected from the full spectrum: everything from the roots of the medium, to films created with the advanced technologies now available to studios and independent filmmakers. Have a look at the impressive roster — there’s a little something for everyone!

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