Houdini User Group Meeting 2016
26 October 2016

Toronto, Canada

This Toronto Houdini Users Group meetup will feature presentations from several Houdini users, including:

Bahador Mehrpouya – FX Specialist, Pixomondo
In Houdini, the off-the-shelf tools can only take you so far – but if you understand what goes under the hood you can optimize the solvers and get much better and faster results. Bahador is going to share how Pixomondo utilize and optimize these tools in Houdini to achieve amazing results.

Rafael Santos – Senior Houdini Technical Director, Tendril Studio
Design driven work presents a challenge of its own: we must be able to develop concepts, iterate quickly, change, adapt and improve on previous solutions. Houdini was an important tool in developing our latest piece for Nike Flyknit shoes given its procedural, modular approach to digital content creation in modelling, animation and visual effects. In this presentation we’ll share part of the process and techniques used in building some of the most challenging aspects of the Nike Flyknit spot. Let’s get knitting!

Fianna Wong – Content Studio Lead (Film & TV), SideFX
Adding details to otherwise bland geometry can help to make for a more interesting visual result. Using procedural noise as displacements is a cheap way of doing it, and Mantra eats displacements for breakfast! We’ll be looking at various noise VOPs in Houdini and rendering them in Mantra.

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