Anim’est International Animation Film Festival 2016
07 October – 16 October 2016

Bucharest, Romania, Europe

International Animation Film Festival Anim’est is the largest film festival in Bucharest and one of the most important animation film festivals in Europe.

Six competitive sections of the festival (long feature international short film internationally Romanian film, student film, video, Minimest) and Section Animash (ex Mosaic) (reserved most popular animated films of the moment, awarded at film festivals important the world) are added each year special sections dedicated to some famous animation schools worldwide studios who made award-winning films, some film festivals in Europe famous and renowned animators.

The workshops addressed those concerned to initiate various animation techniques, master’s and roundtables held by guest stars from home and abroad, parties and concerts complements the 10 days of effervescence Anim’est capital. Anim’est Trophy is awarded each year to a film competition short film festival.

Since 2011, the festival takes place in Chisinau and the 2014 edition Animest organize and Brasov.

For more information visit at Anim’est International Animation Film Festival