Evermotion Challenge 2016: The Secret Garden
18 October – 17 January 2017

Welcome to Evermotion Challenge 2016 – the annual arch-viz contest! This year we invite you to make a visualization with greenery (but it’s up to you how many manmade creations you will put in your scene, we count on your imagination!). We will reward great ideas and creativity among technical quality of the image. “The Secret Garden” means something different for everyone, so we count on various approaches to this theme.

We will give 3 main prizes + 3 awards
Prizes total worth: €16 017
Start: 18th of October, 2016
End: 17th of January, 2017
Submit your work by posting a new thread in The Secret Garden – Challenge 2016 forum
Post your work in production images and the final render till 17th of January, 2017

Our jury will choose winners according to aesthetics of the project and its technical quality. Start of submissions is on 18th of October. The contest ends on 17th of January. You should post your work and WIP images no later than on 17th of January.

What’s in it for me?
Join Evermotion Challenge 2016, show your work to the CG community, experts and employers from all the world. The prizes worth reaches €16 017! The contest starts on 18th of October 2016.

You must submit your final work and a five “work in progress” screenshots till 17th of January.

What tools can I use?
Work has to be genereted in 3d software. You can use every 3D software and rendering engine you want, post processing inside Photoshop, After Effects or other 2D software is allowed. Don’t forget to write about the software you used in your challenge thread.

The Sponsors are:
AXYZ Design, Chaos Group, iCube R&D Group, Itoo Software, Thinkinetic Pulldownit, RAYVISION Inc, GarageFarm.NET, The Rebus Render Farm, Renderbuzz.com, Xrender.

For more information visit at Evermotion Challenge 2016