Developing The Characters & Animation Style For Trolls
12 November 2016

Emily Carr University of Art + Design, South Building, Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada

Your favourite big-hair toy of the 90s (and still a favourite in bingo halls!) is back in a big way!

That’s right, Trolls are making a comeback and this time, they’re cute, they sing, dance and seem destined to win over the next generation. How did DreamWorks Animation take the hard plastic, big rainbow-hair toys nearly everyone had forgotten and turned them into cute, plush-looking bundles of adorableness that are likely to steal your heart?

Get an inside look at the character design and animation of Trolls with Dave Burgess, the Head of Character Animation at DreamWorks Animation. Sharing inspiration clips, early concept art and pre-production animation, he will walk through the evolving character design of the new Trolls!


Dave Burgess – Head of Character Animation // DreamWorks Animation

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