Webinar: Houdini for Games
30 November 2016

Houdini’s artist-friendly node-based workflow offers Film/TV studios unprecedented levels of flexibility and control which will enhance the way you work creatively and make you and your team much more productive. Houdini makes it easy to respond to director feedback and make changes at any time, even deep into production.

Michael Lyndon – from game developer The Coalition – is our guest host, joining SideFX’s Luiz Kruel in this webinar on Houdini for Games – featuring examples from the just-released Gears of War 4.

Topics include:

• Transitioning from Film to Video Games as a Houdini Artist

• Differences between real-time and offline VFX for a Houdini artist

• How to work within the constraints of real-time

• Rigid body destruction – building and optimizing a pipeline for speed and detail

• Creating velocity fields and flowmaps

• Creating looping fire sequences

• Using Houdini to Prototype ideas

• How we improved our rain system

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