The Foundry Student Championship 2016
November – December 2016

We know you’re full of ideas, of vision, of potential. So we want you to ask yourself “what’s in my mind?”. Share your best work with us, and you’ll have an exciting opportunity to share it with the world—and to win a powerful collection of The Foundry software. What better way to kickstart your career?

If you’re currently a student with a valid student ID, send us an image or video that’s your own work, created using at least one tool from The Foundry’s portfolio, together with a front-facing head shot. We’ll pick the best ones, and combine the elements to make an avatar, like the ones in the banner above, that you can use wherever you like.

We’ll also display the avatars as part of our global education campaign throughout 2017, alongside ones from industry celebrities—so you could become a celebrity too! The winning entrants’ imagery will be seen in print, on our website, on social media and at events all over the world.

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