The Foundry’s Test Drive MARI Challenge 2016
02 November – 29 November 2016

We’re challenging artists to bring their vision of a futuristic vehicle to life that will be considered a classic in 2055. The first challenge (Test Drive MODO) was to imagine a “Classic Ride in 2055” concept that you modeled in MODO. The Test Drive MARI Challenge is your chance to texture your “Ride” using 3D painting app MARI and render it in a completed scene. The MARI challenge will run for four weeks, and by signing up to the challenge, you’ll receive extended trial versions of MARI.

Test Drive MARI Challenge

Registration deadline: 22nd November 2016 17:00 GMT
Starts: 2nd November 2016
Ends: 29th November 2016 17:00 GMT

The Test Drive MARI Challenge Brief

There are two options available for the Test Drive MARI Challenge:

1. Use the model you created in the Test Drive MODO Challenge as the base for your Test Drive MARI Challenge submission. You are welcome to further modify your model as part of your submission.

2. Use one of the two supplied models as the base for your Test Drive MARI Challenge submission

Register MARI Challenge 2016