Animated Women UK Launch ‘The Achieve Programme’ Supporting Women in VFX & Animation

Animated Women UK launch “The Achieve Programme” – their first ever programme focused on helping women in animation and VFX to achieve their full potential. This programme aims to help women break into the animation and vfx business.

What’s this all about?
Animated Women UK have launched “The Achieve Programme”. It’s their first ever programme focused on helping women in animation and vfx to achieve their potential.

Who is behind the programme?
“The Achieve Programme” is funded and supported by Creative Skillset, Disney, Turner, Escape Studios and The Mill.

Why is the programme needed?
“The Achieve Programme” seeks to address the challenges faced by women in animation and VFX and help the participants to overcome them and thrive.

What’s in the programme?
“The Achieve Programme” is being run by career development experts, informed by in-depth industry research and input from vfx and animation experts including
Louise Hussey, Executive VFX Producer at Double Negative
Lindsay Watson, Head of Animation at Kindle Animation
Shiona Llewellyn, Career Development Specialist
The programme will seek to “arm every participant with a much greater understanding of how to manage their career successfully” as well as “build a network of supportive professionals, both male and female”.

Who is eligible?
The programme is seeking 24 women “at different stages of their careers” to participate.

Where and when?
“The Achieve Programme” will start in January and February of 2017. The course has been timetabled in the evenings at various central London locations to enable participants to fit it in around work and other obligations.

How much does it cost?
Thanks to the support of sponsors, the course costs just £220. Assisted places are also available for those based outside of London or for whom the cost is prohibitive.

Source by Escape Studios. For more information visit at Animated Women UK